New* monopose Ork squads. 40K army commission. Part 3.

So GW came out with a new set of models for the main Ork troop… Boyz. Annnd… They made them monopose, with an odd number of sluggas and choppas (ranged and melee gear) and no options outside the Nob and the special weapons dude. In the Combat Patrol we got two repeats of said squad, so I used some Kommando and *old Boyz parts to create some variation and equal number of big guns and pointy weapons. The chopped and remaining extra bits will be used to further customize the remaining Boyz of the army.

Tackling them in incremental size, I started by the nine Nobz, now this eighteen Boyz… Next twenty Kommandoes and then thirty more Boyz in the old hunched spine style… Butt… I mean but… with awesome head sculpts by Brian Nelson! I’m not a huge fan of the more Rogue Trader style of sculpt the new ones go for, now. I really dig the new proportions but not the goofy faces. The detail on them… Hmmm… Better than molds produced more than two decades ago, sure… But compared to other contemporary lines? Not their best.

Come to paint it, though… that lack has certain advantages. Their huge numbers get somewhat mitigated by the straight forward amount of details on them. Still… I think they could be doing a lot more with texture and what they do have. Lots of canvas space if you want to go crazy… But we are aiming for some crazy numbers, and batch-painting them as they are becomes feasible… And pretty fun!

Provided & converted pairs:


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