Komandorks, Kommandoes, komandoz… Orkomandz!? Two units of those. Ork commission army. Part 4.

Orkomandoz is what I like most… Now, this was a great kit that they made! Ponopose, sure… But that didn’t stop them from including plenty of options, like extra heads, and built in alternate models that can be made with two copies of the same unit. And that’s what I had to work with, so with barely no conversion needed, I had twenty different Orks ready to paint.

Went over the rules a bit, and so, they can have one of the special operatives (Kill Team style) for every ten. So this one can be played as either two units, sharing the special dudes, or as I painted them in two different combinations of the camo, one with everything, and a cheaper one of bare Orkomandoz… Or… A blob of nineteen, leaving the extra Nob to play with the others.

That camo was a learning experience! And humbling to think on the people who manages intricate works of freehand on their minis… This felt like baby-that, and still took forever! I don’t think I had ever painted camo before… Excluding some WWII models I had painted as a kid, and this was nothing like that in scale!

The inspiration came from the flashy nonsensical camo patterns eighties G.I. Joe figures I used to own, had… Because this Orks are tactical, in an orkish sense. So to make sure they were camouflaging themselves proper, they brought all the camo they had! In the end, the reddish pattern would accidentally kind of work on that environment! But the (almost Caribbean looking) maritime camo was intentionally clashy. Add some green accents, red special bullets (that go faster), and they are ready to disappear in the desert!

Gretchins and Squigs are going to be somewhat unique, so I’ll finish those on their own.



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  1. Guru PIG says:

    Nice work as usual.

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