3D Printed T-800 / Arnold Schwarzenegger Judgement Day T2 bust…

Something completely different as an intermission from the Ork commission… A test of possible collab for this kind of custom pieces for a steady cut.

I had never painted a bust before… And at approximately 1/2 real scale… This must be the biggest piece I think I have painted, not being backdrops, or canvases in a distant past.

Two sessions of work between Carnival distractions… Quite happy with the result! Specially considering there was a lot of “first time, this might work” experimentation in it!

The Chrome should have been done almost last, tho… The wash damaged the shine and it had to be later replicated using less reflective silvers. Live and learn!

Worked with it like it was any other miniature, really… But focusing less on color contrast versus realism of the hues, trusting “real-scale” light to work the shadows more than I would on a smaller format… But still some atmosphere “baked in”. Both from a zenithal source and some color fills.



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