Deff-Dread & Killa-Kans! Ork commission. Part 8.

The Waaagh continues to grow! This unit of three small Gretchin cans, and the bigger, Ork driven one got painted as if they were armor pertaining to the already painted force. Same scheme, plainly talking. No feats of conversion, but some changes to the proposed builds. The big guy also got an assortment of two extra weapons, all four magnetized.





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  1. Azazel says:

    Awesome Orky Armour! Well done, mate – these look great!

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  2. mick says:

    God, I love the orange-reddish copper color on the armor here.

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    1. Cheers, all yours! It’s Vallejo BRASS, with a White Spirit wash of a 50% mix of AK Streaking Rust and Streaking Grime, and the personal touch of purple transparent by one side and blue from the other.


      1. The grids and vents are the same, but the base is Vallejo’s COPPER. Tanks and such, over GW:s WARPLOCK BRONCE. Rest is Leadbelcher.


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