Kustom Boosta-Blastas! Ork commission. Part 9.

Finished this two Ork buggy’s Racer/Car/Dragster thingies… They go by the name Kustom Boosta-Blasta, and their lore tells me they are ramming vehicles, with a huge nail-gun on top, and flamer/exhausts on the side, and a bit of shooting from the crew.

The kit offered zilch customization options. For a unit that has “Kustom” in the name, fielding two exact models would be kind of lame… One was put together vanilla, the other, had the tubes rearranged, some details filed with some bits added… The variation got a bit of a boost by alternating the colors, and head and weapon swaps for the Orks and Grots in.

As an afterthought I went ahead and added some dyed cotton fire effects, stylized and fixed with mod-podge and transparent colors… With that, they could have more of an OSL going on, there… But at this stage, with them glued, I refrained, and called them done.

One thing to note, is that from the Nobz at “part 2” of the commission blog, I have not been using the cool Dirty-Down Rust paint, to be applied later to the whole remaining units… It will add a lot of interest to some of the metallic parts, but the thing reactivates just by looking at it funny, so a last step remains on all this.



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