“I am legend”. Painted 3dprint sculpt commission. Will Smith & Abbey.

Or rather Dr. Robert Neville and Sam! From the movie… Two days of painting and one more for prepping/priming.

Standing at 55 cm. To the top of the lamp-post, Mr. Neville being 32 centimeters. I think it’s going to be a lamp, and then put for sale… But that is not my department! Parts are also not glued, yet, so no gap really exists on the neck, and the lamp is going to be straight… Just barely holding there for the picture with two pencils inside.

I don’t think I had ever painted black skin before… And aiming for the exact tone of tan was a fun challenge. Also found out that taking pictures of dark “skin” is weirdly hard! Midtones show way too dark… When comparing frames of the picture to the mini side by side, mine seemed lighter… Since I had painted him following well lit reference. But sure enough, when seen through the lense, the painted one also seem darker. I think default settings are a bit racist… Only half joking.

He was painted like any of my miniatures really… It’s almost unfair that It takes almost the same time to paint such a large piece as if It were exactly on tenth of the size as I’m used to! If… with this scale of works, pots of paint that were going to last years, I see dwindling right before my eyes… Primer for half an army, and such.

This time, tho, considering it will have a real source of light on top, I abstained from using atmospheric directional lights, and opted for a general tone filter, using an oil-paint wash. I was thinking about it to the last moment… A violet and a red from either side could have worked, with an orange to yellow back-zenithal spot-light… But since nailing the skin-tone was my main concern, I ended being conservative, for once.



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