Darth Revan -KOTOR Star Wars. 1/6 3D print, painting commission.

Another LED-ready sculpture done! Acrylics, enamels, oils and sprays… All the tricks in my book for a two days work! Efficient workflow anddd… If I may say so, myself… Pretty cool looking result! No second-guessing… Straight what I was picturing in my mind it would look like… I can only imagine how striking it might be when the lights are installed into it!

This is Darth Revan. A character from a beloved StarWars videogame franchise; “Knights of the Old Republic”, often called just KOTOR, for shorts. Spoiler warning for a decades’ old game… He was a Jedi, turned Sith, turned Jedi, who turned into both, to finally become one with the Force… Yep.

His line, anyways, has now been retconned as apocryphal… Or as the almighty Dark Mouse Empire calls it “Legends”.

Meanwhile… The HQ orks had a good time to finish drying an specially heavy enamel wash, with an unexpected rain-shower on top while getting some fresh air. Back soon with those!


One thought on “Darth Revan -KOTOR Star Wars. 1/6 3D print, painting commission.

  1. Those games and the character are great. I agree that its a shame he’s been relegated to the past. You did a great job with this one and the large scale stuff seems to suit you! 🙂

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