Harley Quinn. 3d-printed 1/6 sculpt. Painting commission.

My first beautiful kind of thing to be painted… Maybe I had done one or two not completely ugly looking 1/32 female faces in the past, but certainly nothing with so much… Make up.

Popular villain, turned antihero, turned hero, turned kind of into a popular icon, thanks to Margot Robbie’s latest interpretation.

She was Joker’s psychiatrist, victim, than… Loving interst I guess… Riot of a role-model. Fifty shades of green shit if you ask me. But the lady is indeed hot, and as mercenary, this was the one on the table this week.

I had a bit of a discrepancy in interpretation with the client… To me, she didn’t look at all like Margot, and I went for an Arkham videogame style of Harley, using the alternating red and black of more of a cartoon, or comic style, with black and white hair… I repainted her as specified. The iconic movie-hair looks good on her, got to admit!



4 thoughts on “Harley Quinn. 3d-printed 1/6 sculpt. Painting commission.

  1. Wow, she came out looking really, really nice! I agree that the sculpt matches the video games much closer than the movies or Margot but either way, I think you did an excellent job for the client.

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