Godzilla. 1/72 3d-printed, Painting commission.

Based on the latest movies… What a piece! The sculpt is nice, but the client, on top, did an amazing job at prepping it… It has Blue leds all inside, a smoke machine, and even a laser beam that both come out of the mouth. To this point, he worked the electrics afterwards, but the needed transparency check took us to have this one fully ready before paint. We’ll try so that it is this way as much as possible… Too many things can go wrong, manipulating an already painted piece. In fact… I had just repainted the Loki body, that got the staff broken, and heavy scratches all over, both from accident, and trying to adjust the gaps when put together.

Now, this is the biggest one so far! Impractically so… Maybe. But if I had the room, this Kaiju I would like! It’s… Pretty cool, I guess?

To keep the parts that had to shine clear, other than a bit of primer on the underside, it had to be painted fully by hand. If I did give it some of the staple transparent atmospheric color to give it a final punch and bring some greens and red to the setting.


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