Túbal_CV <(link)


  • F.P. I and II (4 years), Sculpture and Enamel (Escola Mestre Mateo de Santiago). 2000-2004.
  • C2 Cambridge English Proficiency Test.


  • LightWave Course 3D (FX Animation). 2012.
  • Intensive Course Alias Maya. (Aula Temática, Madrid). 2006.
  • Courses of Enamel, maquetation, tattoo and others. 2000-2005.


  • English. Written and spoken, C2 level.
  • Galician. Written and spoken, C1 level.
  • Spanish. Mother tongue, C2 level.


  • Asus  ROG A50, Asus G55VW, Toshiba Satellite, Workstation HP XW55, Active and Passive stereoscopic displays.


  • CGI (Computer Generated Images) 3D:

    • PC User, basic Mac.
    • Advanced User of: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects.
    • Experience in: LightWave, C4D, UDK, Gamebryo, RealFlow, Zbrush and other synthesis tools…

STAGES: Concept Design, storyboard, Organic and inanimate 3D Modeling, UV Layout, Shading and textures, Rigging, Animation, Effects, Lighting and Render.

INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION (Vehicular language: Spanish/English)

ACTING and VOICE-OVER (English, Spanish and Galician languages)


    •  TRANSLATION: Spanish to English, English to Spanish, Galician to Spanish, Galician to English.
    • OTHERS: Artistic and Creative Drawing, Atrezzo and Prop Making, Painting, Graphic Design, Comics, Sculpture, Enamel…


  • Broadcast Graphics for “Fun Polo Aire”. TVG 2020-2021
  • Luar, 3D Avatar interface operator. TVG 2019.
  • Tutu, seasons 02 and 03 – ClanTV (lighting). Ficción Producciones 2018.
  • Motion Graphics and Broadcast operator. CTV media. “Bamboleo”,”Land Rober”: Inserts, Atrezzo, Set Dressing, Props and mockups, Assistant Lyric operator, 2016-2017.
  • NMS Mods: “2016-2017” – (Six titles under Virakotxa) 4.700 individual downloads.
  • “Virakotcha’s Moves” mod for KSH’s video-game “Space Engineers” – 2014-2015. (Animations, implementation and HUD elements.) More than 30.000 individual downloads in 2015.
  • Render Assistant for animated movie “Meñique” – Ficcion Producciones 2014. (Shading, animación e iluminación.)
  • “Tutu”, Season One. Combined puppet and CG kid’s show. (Models, shading, sets, animation and effects) – Ficción Producciones. 2013-14.
  • Traducción al inglés del guion de tv-movie O Códice, de Ficción producciones, 2014.
  • International producing for the movie Schimbaré – Ficción Producciones. 2013.
  • Pilot epidode of “Tutu” – Ficción Producciones and Galitoon. 2012. (Models, shading and animation.)
  • ”Cannabis Skyrim” mod for Bethesda’s video-game “Skyrim” – 2012/14.. (Models and textures). More than 82.000 individual downloads in 2015.
  • Particle effects for the TV-movie “Sinbad” – Ficción Producciones. 2011.
  • Educational third-person video-game “Inventio”: Compostella Dicitur – Ficción Producciones 2011. Permanent exposition, virtual walk of the XI C. Santiago. (UDK all stages except Programming). (Director: Javier Fernández Ramiro).
  • Animation short movie “Checkout” – Ficción Producciones. Pre-selected for animation award at the 2010 Goya Awards. (Modeling, shading, effects and animation.) (Director: Iker García.)
  • Short movie “Pequena Gran Aventura” – Ficción Producciones. 2009. Viewers Award, Festival de Cans 2010. (Modeling, shading, setup, animation and effects.) (Director: Juan Carlos Abraldes.)
  • Virtual recreation of the “Cidade da Cultura”: (modeling from schematics) – Ficción Producciones. 2009.
  • ”BetterSpore” mod: (GUI, effects and “new parts” added), “GoreSpore” mod: (graphics overhaul), both with more than 10.000 individual downloads. 2009.
  • Logo and 2D animations for TV show – Cociña para todos – Lúa Films. 2008-2009.
  • 2D Layers, animatics and technical script for campaign “Comercio Galego” – Lúa Filmes 2008. Multimedia publicity.
  • 3D Animations for TV add Universiada Vigo city – Lúa Filmes. 2008.
  • 3D Animated “flash“ online add – Honda Motors. 2008.
  • 3D Animations and models for TV add campaign. Lúa Filmes – Deputación de Lugo. 2007.
  • 2007 Council Political Campaign – Santiago de Compostela. CG short movies about the proposed implementations. Before and After comparisons. Web Campaing – 2007
  • Character animation, blend-shapes, fluid modeling and effects for animated short movie “O Pesadelo de Florian“ – Firmist Animación. 2007.
  • Background graphics, comics for the movie “Heroína”. (Gerardo Herrero – 2005).
  • Design and making of animated 2D layers for TV-show pilot “Laretas”- Centroña. 2005.
  • Storyboard and conceptual design of characters for educative video-game concept. RecicleBoy – Ozono-Interactive. 2004.
  • 2003/2006 IAD (Iniciación ó Arte Dramático) – Universidade Laboral de Ourense: (Design and making of sets, atrezzo, clothing, scenic effects, creature costumes, posters and triptics.) Plays: “Lisístrata”. “Soño dunha noite de San Xoan”. “Arsénico de mesa”. “Un Novo Mundo Feliz”.

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