“I am legend”. Painted 3dprint sculpt commission. Will Smith & Abbey.

Or rather Dr. Robert Neville and Sam! From the movie… Two days of painting and one more for prepping/priming. Standing at 55 cm. To the top of the lamp-post, Mr. Neville being 32 centimeters. I think it’s going to be a lamp, and then put for sale… But that is not my department! Parts are…

Ficción Producciones 3D Reel

Animation Department reel from Ficción Producciones. Took part in most of the selected scenes, excluding excerpts from Man, A Pequena Sereia the butterflies, bubbles and shovel-kid scenes.

Photoshop/AfterEffects 4D Portraits.

Charles Robert Darwin, 12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882   Marie Skłodowska Curie; born Maria Salomea Skłodowska, 7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934