NMS Mods (non-profit)

No Man’s Sky – game-mods. HD Normal-maps for LargePlant Objects  1.1 (Foundation) Compatible.

Inventio – Compostella Dicitur

Produced by: For:        The new home for the Pilgrimage and Santiago Museum opened its doors with the exclusive exhibition Compostella Dicitur. The Cathedral’s City. In it, the XIII Century Santiago de Compostela has been recreated, through interactive applications and virtual reconstructions that allow to experience the look and urban development of the…

Virakotxa’s Moves 1

A non-profit project I did was creating a pack of animations for the players of the game Space Engineers… Labeled Gestures, Custom-made little animation loops that the player can use at the press of a button to convey emotions, role-playing or immersion. STEAM WORKSHOP LINK At the present time discontinued due to an update to…

CS Cannabis Skyrim

NEXUS MODS LINK Intended for a mature audience, a free registration to accept your responsibility on the matter is needed for download. Disclaimer: It’s not our intention to encourage anyone using drugs. This mod won’t do harm as there are drugs already in Skyrim: Alcohol, Moon Sugar and Skooma. If you’re easily offended by this…

Fallout NV _ NPK Texture add_on

Marijuana Plant for Fallout New Vegas. NEXUS MODS LINK High quality texture upgrade and optimization add_on for the base mod. Yes… A mod of a mod, sorta… Published in collaboration with MadNuttah. (Adults only, free registration needed)

BetterSpore v1.5

BetterSpore Mod Showcase Uploaded on Feb 19, 2009 Ball Lightning was in charge of the project, I was in charge of new parts at that time. To find out more and see a full list of credits, visit the official site: SPOREDUM


GoreSpore Mod Showcase (turn on YT annotations) Uploaded on Jun 11, 2009 GoreSpore, a mod for Spore, a Maxis videogame. By TubalCain AKA Virakotxa. 2009. Made with TexMod and Photoshop. Replaces editor and test-drive backgrounds, adds new effects for attacks and splatter effect for the UFO laser when firing creatures. All featured creations by Virakotxa,…