Finished Adepta Sororitas characters. Commission army – Part 9.

And this puts me in the middle of the assignment! Up to 1.100 points of the 2.260 in total. Although not really… Now comes the points-cheap bulk, and I better find a more uplifting way of looking at progress from now on… For moral uplifting, basically. On paper, I have a schedule, and I’m “barely”…

Part 7 . Finished Morvenn Vahl V2. Bloody Rose commission army.

With her, I took out, in total: 620 of the 2.260 list. Judging by numbers, rest ahead seems way more grindy… But today I finished my second go at the supreme nun of the Battle Sisters… Abess Sanctorum, they call her, of the Adepta Sororitas. But wearing a Bloody Rose Order scheme, because she can….