NMS Mods (non-profit)

No Man’s Sky – game-mods. HD Normal-maps for LargePlant Objects  1.1 (Foundation) Compatible.

CS Cannabis Skyrim

NEXUS MODS LINK Intended for a mature audience, a free registration to accept your responsibility on the matter is needed for download. Disclaimer: It’s not our intention to encourage anyone using drugs. This mod won’t do harm as there are drugs already in Skyrim: Alcohol, Moon Sugar and Skooma. If you’re easily offended by this…

Fallout NV _ NPK Texture add_on

Marijuana Plant for Fallout New Vegas. NEXUS MODS LINK High quality texture upgrade and optimization add_on for the base mod. Yes… A mod of a mod, sorta… Published in collaboration with MadNuttah. (Adults only, free registration needed)