FORGEWORLD’S Nurgle Herald


 Never thought much of this guy when I saw it came together with the ForgeWorld Nurgle Prince… But standalone, without being dwarfed by the purulent huge abomination that comes bundle with, I realized it was in itself a pretty decent Warboss-sized chunk of rotting flesh and slimy detail…

 I’ll walk you through the process of a one-day paint-job I did on this guy, with an extra one in between for the greenstuff to cure.

  • Filling the gaps: First thing to notice, didn’t feel like washing the resin first… So either the guy I got it from Ebay did it for me (unlikely considering the brittle flask it came surrounded with) or the dreaded unmolding agent paint-peel is not such a common occurrence. Couple of first ones for me here! Never worked on a resin miniature, before. (well, there were some unworkable models back in the day) And at the same time, this are my first steps into greenstuff territory. @Bonecruncha recently suggested to me that I should get some decent modeling tools to begin with… But this was all wet scissors, finger-nail and the back of a modeling knife. For first steps, I thought Nurgle-theme would be perfect! Just realized the guy is missing a huge horn from its right side… Very fluff… But I actually like it like this, come to think of it.

The mold-lines were pretty terrible… so I used greenstuff to level some of the areas that were badly misaligned. My first thought to familiarize myself with the puty, was to work on the base. I started with regular modeling clay (that had to be super-glued back on the base, once dried) and used the precious green matter to try and simulate a trail in the sand. Was a pretty random and sticky experience.

(Click on pictures for closeups)

 20150515_122959 20150515_123017 20150515_123109 20150515_123131 20150515_123209

  • Undercoat: Spray of Chaos Black Citadel brand Undercoat. I could/should have done this after the cape, but that was an afterthought, once I saw the base attempt kind of worked. What I wanted from the beginning was the “snail-trail” to leave a path of burnt/warped/corroded material on it’s wake. Since the resin base was a dense brick of resin I had to apply a lighter and leave it to burn for a good while to get the effect I wanted. If the base were to be the regular hollowed-out black plastic ones, I might had not dared to try it, but now I think it would have been more spectacular if less an easily “under-control” process… Not the healthiest thing to do. Instant Nurgle Seal of Approval!

20150515_213950 20150515_214006

  •  Rugs: To loose my virginity on greenstuff conversion I knew Eldar or Tau were probably a bad idea to start with. Slaanesh would have liked my daring, but none like Nurgle would take my attempt as worthy… Well maybe the Horned Rat or Nagash, if you are into that kind of thing. Greenstuff? It’s like working with chewing gum on a hot evening. Once it’s half-dry, though, it can be quite plasticine-like, so far as the tools stay a bit wet. Had to dry it free-hanging (face up) since it’s own weight would make it fall, thin as it was, that didn’t help.

20150515_222423 20150515_222522 20150516_110339 20150516_110357 20150516_110409 20150516_110504

  •  Texture: After a black undercoat to the hold thing, again, and to make the surface more even and Nurgle-like, I applied two generous layers of Typhus Corrosion “technical paint”. Noobish fingerprints begone!

20150516_171610 20150516_171621 20150516_171640 20150516_171702

  • Testing the surface: After a Ceramic White drybrushing to help me define the areas of interest I painted the rugs with Zandry Dust. The Corrosion effect really made it look like a continuous surface with the hood.

20150516_201941 20150516_201953 20150516_202012

  • Base and Wash: I painted the upper body with Goblin Green, the lower with Nurgling Green, making a wet-paint mix in the middle section, I used a random mix of those greens to base each nurgling and Averland Sunset Yellow on the exposed fat patches and pustules. The hold skin was then washed with Athonian Camoshade (light green wash) and the rugs with Agrax Earthshade (sepia wash). The mechanical arm got a drybrush of Warplock Bronze. The rug was highlighted with a drybrush of Screaming Skull (yellowish white).

 20150519_010529 20150519_010543 20150519_010603

  • Spreading the infection:  The upper skin got a wash of Ork Flesh (dark green)I then mixed equal parts of Nuln Oil (light black wash), Red Wash and Purple Wash and used that on the lower part, wounds and to stain the drape. Used some to accentuate the drool/puke area. All the washes were applied at the same time, allowing for some mixing. Mixed with some nurgling green, it gave a semi-translucent Pink that was used as highlight on the damaged areas.

20150519_014004 20150519_014018

20150519_014030 20150519_014047

  • Good ol’ Black Ink: On the cape and hard edges. Once half-dry, I used a wet cotton-stick to clean/highlight some of the ink away.

20150519_021655 20150519_021721

20150519_021740 20150519_021802

  • Adding detail: To finish the rugs, they were highlighted using again Zandry Dust (light brown). The pustules and blisters were highlighted in yellow, some of the ork skin, too. The tail got some flesh-tone highlights. The larvae all over its body were painted in pure white, added many extra smaller ones as freehand. Ceramic White also on the teeth and “fingernail”. Nurgling Green was used as highlight around the wounds, which crevices were highlighted using pure Red Wash, here and there. The mechanical arm was drybrushed on even areas with Vallejo’s Brass, and the big panels were washed in red, all highlighted with a drybrush of Vallejo’s Gunmetal Grey. Bugs were painted last on it.

20150519_040433 20150519_040445 

20150519_040525 20150519_040546

  • Pus for the God of Pus: Red Blood, (Citadel technical Blood for the Blood God) was applied on the deepest wounds, and trails of it added. From the mouth, an uneven trail of blood, Drakensomething Nightshade (light blue wash) was accentuated. The stand got a white base.

20150519_041924 20150519_041936 20150519_041957 20150519_042011

  • Finishing touch: The hold thing was then washed with Badab Black (medium black wash), super-glue was spread onto the base, and then sparkled with crushed cat-litter, then painted with Tamiya’s Desert Yellow. Side was painted in Zamesi Desert. (used to be the slightly different Bubonic Brown). The snot/slime/acid is a mix of Averland Sunset (light mustard yellow) and Snot Green (light green) applied as freehand trails. A starting pass, and then some accents with a bit more yellow into the mix. It was then remixed with water and made a wash that was applied to the end of the tail, and a bit over, to give the translucent wet-like effect. The mechanical arm got some Typhus Corrosion applied to it.

20150519_055701  20150519_055727

20150519_055743 20150519_055807

  That was all!
Took way longer to explain all this in a post than painting it… so hope it’s worth something for someone!

20150519_132255 20150519_132324 20150519_132409 20150519_132427 20150519_132447 20150519_132507 20150519_132531 20150519_132608 20150519_132625


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