Triumph’s Characters – WIP Part_15 – 40K Battle Sisters

Milestone! Basing colors completed… or rather conveniently abandoned at a stage I feel happy with.

And a rear look…

And so I couldn’t wait for the next stages, oil-wash, with a mix of 50% black 25% Deep Blue and 25% Transparent Red… Here comes, the ass face stage!

It’s all fun and games from here on, as far as I’m concerned… And if I may say so, for an ass-face stage, that is a very decent looking one! For your average Duncan Rhodes acolyte, it would look like I dumped a bottle of Aggrax Earthshade on top of some perfectly good minis, instead of doing edge-highlights like a good loyal citizen of the Imperium… But we who read from the book of Magnus Frisoni are aware that with solvents, now I can go to town substracting that gunk to base levels of saturation, and highlight further where wanted. (To be fair, Marco Frisoni’s tutorials taught me the how to… but the one who initially blew my mind to the possibilities of oil-paints on minis, was Dmitry Fesechko

Amazing I know…

He makes it look so easy! It’s not… But still!

More to come…


4 thoughts on “Triumph’s Characters – WIP Part_15 – 40K Battle Sisters

  1. Lovely work- oils are a great thing to play around with. I tend to use them more on vehicles and terrain rather than figures but I really should experiment more with them.



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  2. I’ve never thought about calling it the ass-face stage, and that made me laugh a little. Usually I refer to mid-stages when I paint as the “ugly duckling” phase, because I know they’re gonna turn out looking better on the other side of the process!

    It’s great to watch these continue to come together, and also thanks for sharing the oil-painting tutorial – might check that out later, I’ve always been kind of curious.

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