40K Adepta Sororitas – Battle Sisters Squad + Imagifier – WIP Part_4*bis

I should have started a new count when I left this women aside to work on the Triumph… It’s actually the fourth day on them! Where were we…?

Right… So they were based on metallic, with some lights in blue and purple coming from the bottom sides. Since then, on Friday I got by mail a bunch o spray rattle cans, including a semi-transparent Red, Blue and Purple, so I used that with some bright opaque red to actually base them in red, as the main color of their armor, leaving leathers, parchment, skin, black, golds and silvers to be based by hand… Getting a good range of colors can be expensive in rattle form, but at 3,5€ /400 Cl. for the can, with how little you actually use on each mini, they can last a long time.

Doing this took no time whatsoever… So I decided to also grab some Repentias I got from eBay, too. This ones were grey plastic, but came already glued… They looked fine! The one who put them together knew enough. I hate that people uses plastic cement instead of superglue, though… This ones have no options, but their superior I would have loved to have chopped and magnetized… Fused as it is, probably not a good idea.

Although I might have enough parts as it is…

For them I decided to base with white skin as the main color… (the most surface) and came out really nice! Six different color-cans were used, but I never had a better base to start painting flesh! And it took barely nothing! I can imagine how powerful having an airbrush one must feel! This is sort of like that… But I don’t have to clean after or between hues! And zero precission… This works by “whole sides”… 50% of a side maybe?


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