Necron Ophydian Destroyers.

Sneaky melee flying fast attack killing robots… Bit softer than Skorpekh Destroyers, but faster, and they can infiltrate behind enemy lines, for free. I’m painting all this at their vanilla monopose stance. Once I get duplicates on the table, I’ll start worrying about converting those… So far, I only did it for the Scarab Swarms, and it was overkill.

This ones got painted at a trooper level… They could use another pass of effects, but might get to that once I have three more. The most time went into those back-orbs… It took some experimentation! In the end, white base, a layer of Vallejo Transparent Blue, a couple of layers of Vallejo White Glaze, and over, a mix of Contrast Medium and V. transparent Blue, and a final white glaze. Next step would be to mask them, and either spray some blue, or drybrush it, to add some light around.


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