Bloody Rose on parade! 40K Adepta Sororitas collection showcase…

I consider the collection finished… There are a bunch a cool ones on the range I haven’t tackled, but for a good while, the nun stage is called to an end.

They make well over 2.000 points of Space Karens, all options being magnetized, with the more expensive gear, way over that!

Well, as proud as I am of seeing a year’s labor worth of painted minis, after even playing twice with them, I’m not going to let them gather dust and get outdated… Off they go! To the ebayyyys!! Yet to decide if by units, or the whole shebang… And doing it as an auction and risking breaking even, or as a “buy it now” that could stay there forever…? I was thinking 1.500€ as starting bid…


12 thoughts on “Bloody Rose on parade! 40K Adepta Sororitas collection showcase…

    1. Thanks! So much in the horizon… So little room. Never enough moneys… But I must say, so far, got pride out of selling what I have. No regrets! Thanks to doing that I got commissions, a new army, some day by day bills payed… And the experience of finishing those carries on!


  1. I sell things that are not mini related on eBay and I find auctions rarely bring as much as Buy It Nows for what that is worth. I’ve also heard that lots or groups of things tend to sell for less than individual listings but when you have an army with a specific color scheme like this, I could see doing a single listing for all of it being the way to go. A specialized color scheme may limit the appeal of the units individually, if you know what I mean. The main thing is make sure you get what you feel this deserves because anything less than that would be a major disappointment, I would imagine!

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    1. Thanks for the insight! I have a hard time appraising my own stuff, coupled with low expectations and acceptable (for me) starting price, auctions were so far better than expected… A bundle seems attractive to not hang on the less appealing pieces, but might leave me at the expense of only the bigger whales… Never tried multi-listing… Which is a bunch of “buy it now” in a single page. That could work… But I’m left not knowing how much “really ask” for each thing.

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      1. I know what you mean. I’ve found selling miniatures to be really tough because everyone has their own taste and sense of value, let alone spending budget. You may want to be patient and experiment with pricing and how you sell them to see what works best. Easier said than done of course!

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      2. Yes, that is a good plan haha! Auctions that end on the weekends are generally a good idea too but I’m sure you’ve already thought about that 🙂

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      3. It’s up, and got both of those… An auction format, finally. Starting at 1.500$… which I find preposterously high and so much below the amount of working hours needed to get all this done… So I guess it has to be a good deal for someone out there. We’ll see…

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