Army Commission. Part 6. Finished vehicles. Exorcist Tank & Rhino Transports. 40K Battle Sisters.

Happy with the first ones out of the line! They could have taken less time… But there was a lot of surface to cover, here! So done this week, the three vehicles of the list.

Here’s a how to, if anyone is interested…

They were primed with GW Chaos black (medium-glossy black), and given a zenithal of transparent White (Montana Spectral range) and a nadir prime of SPSIL dark red primer. Bit too heavy-handedly then covered from the top with Mephiston red GW primer (bright red) and a top dash of Montana Vivid Red.

Magnetized separate subassemblies, where possible, were based with SPSIL Aluminium or Montana Gold Metallic Effect sprays. Then it was a matter of basing every detail. GW’s Retributor armor for the golden and Leadbelcher for the metal. Vallejo Black or GW’s Mephiston red as the main.

Vallejo’s; Parchment White, Oxford Blue, Copper, Magenta Blood Red… and GW’s Rhinox Hide (dark brown), Blood Red (vivid red), Jade Green, Goblin Green (bright green) and Imperial Fist (contrast yellow) were the base of the rest.

I washed everything with AK’s Exhaust Wash… (enamel brown wash) barely removing any with white spirit afterwards. To add atmosphere, I used my beloved Specral Montana sprays. First, to add flavor to the red, and before basing any details, used transparent black and brown on the lower angles. A squirt of black was used behind the exhausts, and a touch of osl (object source lighting) from the Exorcist tank’s flames and front projectors. A gave all a thin coat of canned Montana varnish.

I used a mix of Blood Red and Ice Yellow to highlight the red. And used Vallejo’s transparent yellow and red to create the glow effects, over drybrushed white. Fluor green, and some Warp Lightning (contrast dark green) for some glowy stuff…

Then used powder pigments to dirt the tracks and lower part, and fixed it with a last coat of varnish.

And I used to be happy with this old fellow…

I like the heavy dust of that front part… but other than that I think the new looks the part! Also, apparently I had painted the color-coded position lights on the wrong side, before… ups.

Also, the Exorcist… same concept as the Immolator I had done. Here compared:

I need to add some gore to those spikes… and some black soot on those exhausts. If time allows it, they could all use some cotton smoke, imo… and maybe more of those pigments, then… But first, I’ll tackle Morvenn Vahl, primed in that Montana Gold, some zenithaled parts I masked, and some of the reds, with the GW + Montana spray base…


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