Necron Canoptek Doomstalkers. 40K’s Alien Robot Quadrupeds…

Like… NOT War of the Worlds’ Martian Tripods rip! Not at all… This is a completely original IP of theirs, mind you!

They are big… Or rather tall. They push fit very tightly without need to magnetize legs to torso. I gave them a semblance of variation by posing them a bit differently and trying to somewhat change their identical scenic bases…

As an interesting technical discovery… Not fully dried white oil-paint, can be painted over with an acrilic, get tinted, and still be able to be smoothed with a clean brush, like it were all oils… That’s how the big guns got that smooth green glow over the black… No glazing or blending, there… I mean, one could say it is blendind! But swiping a brush and getting a smooth transition with oils almost feels like cheating!



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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    They look great. A nice technique you found there too- I’ll have to experiment too.



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    1. Thanks! And yes… After fully drying it didn’t crack or anything weird. A happy accident by not giving it it’s due time, it seems… For anything glowy oil pin-wash is must try anyways!


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