Brotherhood of the Nine. LOTR gone 40K. WIP. Part 1.

“One does not simply walk into the Eye of Terror!”

A little side-project I decided to start while waiting for the commissioned Orks to arrive… And to maybe work some layers while washes dry, and such… If unlikely. Most probably it will take some time until it’s finished, but so far, I got the lot cleaned, mostly glued… Chose the options, and managed to paint one of the Hobbits (Ratling/Halfling)…

“Boutique” designer miniatures by Artel_W. Worth every Rublo! Never have I seen anything so crisp, detailed and we’ll casted as these, ever before in my hands!

This sculpts (and casts) are out of this world, in my opinion… Not exactly cheap, and not exactly “easy to buy” as the powers that be delve us even further into 19th century, with all the “divide and conquer”, they are made by our brothers of Russia, hence had to circumvent the blockade through a donation, and shipped using a proxy, somewhere…

Hey, this year I have painted proxies from both Ukraine and Russia… Not bad for equidistance!

The concept…? You tell me! How cool are they!?

They came with a couple of options each… Gandalf the Psycher had the option of a normal sword, went with the chainsword.

The Hobbits came with two different models for their sniper rifles, and Pippin with an unhooded head.

Gimli had two heads and the option for a foamy jug for his left… I picked the “less cool” ones, there… I really want the unhelmed head and tankard for the Votann heroes.

Legolas had a cool hooded headed option, but went with showing pointy ears.

Aragorn had an option for a rebreathered head, but what face had showing I didn’t like that much.

Boromir is the most epic… Chainsword or powersword, a helmeted head, one blowing, with a hand holding the Horn of Gondor… And the one from the meme I picked. Which was a total surprise! That wasn’t shown in the preview images, I believe.

I stayed late yesterday and managed to paint Ratling Sniper “Peligritos Tukker” AKA Pippin Tom in a single sitting. I forgot my white spirit, so some touches to the AK enamel are missing… And the basing is pending review.

Zenithal and white drybrush underpainting with self-made and “real” Contrast paint (where available), atmospheric lighting of my usual “ghetto-Latham” with transparent MTN sprays after some localized washes and minor highlights of undiluted base tone… With some Vallejo ice yellow mixed.

It’s rainy outside, but I intend to give it a final matt varnish after the pigments for the base.



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