Thanos & Death. 3d-Printed 1/6 Painting commission.

For this new sculp of Thanos, being it comic style and not MCU like the previous, I went with a classic scheme… This piece fought me. Impractically big and poor connecting surfaces. In the end, the client wasn’t satisfied with the metallic surfaces lacking contrast. I’ll need to retouch it… Tried to go with just tinted gold chrome there, but a pin-wash and some enamel will make it punch more.

This was the first that felt like a job… And maybe because of that it felt like a defeat to get it back. Also, the Lady Death over there was supposed to have a translucent dress that revealed the anatomy underneath… That was the assignment. Aside how it didn’t fit the clothes sculpt or the Marvel comics, I failed to even attempt it… The only way I would know how to do it, it’s beyond my patience for this. A bump indeed…

3 thoughts on “Thanos & Death. 3d-Printed 1/6 Painting commission.

    1. Lol… Thanks! I have a temper. After this we concluded that this kinds of things need to be communicated by phone. And a first warning for myself to remember that even if the work is artistic… It’s work… So I need to keep enjoying the moment but not putting my “soul” , or rather ego, at play.

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      1. Yep I get it as both a painter (used to do some commission stuff in the past) but also as a client, albeit in a different setting with IT who wants and/or needs things done in a specific way. Communication is always the answer!

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