Jihad Teknorum Gang.


Straight from the pages of Frank Herbert, a group of Fremen and their allied smugglers advance over Arrakis…

lol. Not really… But whoever sculpted this had Dune in mind, too! Necromunda was a GW game that I actually got to play. The rules were very unclear to me on some key areas, and the hold persistent campaign idea, when you were barely lucky to have one other guy to play with, could only add cumulative unbalance, but the fact of actually being able to afford to play was priceless… or the contrary.

  • Gangsters. I used a sort of canon green on this guys, but went dark and dusty to retain the destilsuit feel to it. Three Gang members, two Heavies and a Leader wielding his chainsword. Some scratches on this guys… Delicate paint and climbing cardboard flimsy bridges over huge ledges don’t go together that well. When watching battle reports and looking at the falls and knock-overs, I know my heart is not made for competitive gaming… Until clear adamantium varnish comes out to the market, that is.


  • Guns for Hire. A Ratskin and three Bounty-Hunters. That third one from the left, with the Bolter and Bolter-gun combo, was once painted as Lobo, the last Czarnian, felt right at the time. I repainted him around ten years ago to a more standard look.


  • Bug. … that doesn’t exist as such anymore. Got chopped and is ready to be part of a Nurgle conversion I’m putting together. But here he was.



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