The Others: Pride Avatar and Demons.

So I made myself a self-present this Christmas… Wife was out of time and I went to the local Alita hobby store and grabbed what ended up being a board-game (I thought it was something more wargamy) by “Cool mini or not”… The Others: Seven deadly sins. I’ll never play the game, but fell in love with the miniatures which I knew of, having looked before for cool Nurgle proxy miniatures before… At fifty percent discount, it came with an expansion box of heroes, and altogether I still have 24 posessed civilians that could pose as awesome poxwalkers or zombies of a dystopian future… for another time. And all those heroes… All very different from each other, a vampire, werewolf, mercenaries… And a bunch more evil dudes that look like Hellraiser cenobites.

But those demon models couldn’t wait to paint! It meant a pause to my Astartes experiments and going back to a loose mode I got so familiar with in the last year… They got painted in no time, and helped me experiment with contrasted spray base-coats and since my daughter gifted me a mini-UV-torchlight… I played with some accents on a spectral wavelength range any bee visiting my home will certainly appreciate.

WIP of the Avatar of Pride…


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