Triumph of Saint Katherine’s characters – WIP Part_13 – Definitely not speed-painting…

I think it’s two days without update hoping for the reveal of all the base colors ready to oil-wash… Today is not that day, either. But getting close! As I paint smaller and smaller details, the curve of progress seems to dwindle, but at the same time, the challenge and interest grows, but it’s not the best part, for sure. I have to push myself a bit to sit and keep at it, wishing for the next stages.

With this much blocked in, I can see where it’s going a lot better, and so far, happy with the choices!

I think this is day 16 of painting this piece… And at this stage I better aim for the kind of best results I know myself able… Which means now it is not the time to rush it, and I better apply a first pass of lighting on all this surfaces before the oil so that I maximize the levels of subtle gradients with that wash and I have even more “places to go” to create contrast down the line. In short, I think I have a plan.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those sisters are really coming along now.



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  2. mick says:

    It’s been great to watch this shape up, and you’re definitely getting there!

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